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Essential Nina Simone, Vol. 2, The   
Catherine Wheel - Ferment Byrne, David  - Catherine Wheel, The Crowded House - Together Alone
  What's a Catherine Wheel?
The catherine wheel is a pinwheel with fireworks that takes its name from the martyr, St. Catherine of Alexandria (4th century AD). Catherine angered the Emperor Maximinus II by refusing to denounce her Christian faith and was condemned to death. The Emperor ordered her strapped to a spiked wheel, however, the wheel miraculously broken into pieces with the spikes flying in all directions. It is widely believed that St. Catherine probably did not exist, however, her name carries on today, even in rock music. For example, there is the British group, The Catherine Wheel, and the album "The Catherine Wheel" – a collaboration between modern dance master Twyla Tharp and musician David Byrne. The latter is a ballet that tells the story of St. Catherine. On the New Zealand band Crowded House's 1993 release "Together Alone" the track "Catherine Wheel" is often interpreted as a song about a woman leaving an abusive relationship.
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