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OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the process of recognizing printed or written text by a computer. In this demonstration, the images are taken from an album or CD liner notes. The first thing to recognize is that OCR is not perfect; it does not always recognize all the words correctly as we do just looking at the image. This is due largely to the image quality and to a lesser degree to the effectiveness of the OCR algorithm. Click here for more info on OCR.

To use this demonstration, follow the four steps given below. These images were chosen as representative examples of typical liner notes. We are working on the best way to extend this idea to all Lostvibe liner notes - so check back! Meanwhile, enjoy this demo. Send questions or comments contactus @ lostvibe . com.
Step 1: Choose an image and click view.
Step 2: Choose a color for highlighting.
Step 3: Enter words to find in the image and the click go.
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