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In a Nutshell This page details how searching works on Lostvibe.



Lostvibe has tested its Web site content on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and later. Lostvibe has not tested all browser types and versions so results may vary. Please contact Lostvibe at contactus @ lostvibe . com if you discover errors and include the steps taken to reproduce the errors. Lostvibe will take the appropriate steps to improve its quality on all browsers.

Home Page

The Lostvibe home page offers several features including search and pre-categorized searches under Browse and Suggested Searches. To explore the pre-categorized collection views, simply click on the links or their drop down boxes and click "Go," next to the appropriate box.

Search Functions

The Lostvibe search feature enables three types of search functions:
1. Any Word: Returns a result that matches any of the words typed into the keyword search box.
2. Exact: Returns a result that matches a word or phrase typed into the keyword search box.
3. Starts With: Returns a result that begins with the words or phrase typed in the keyword search box.

Lostvibe search also allows you to choose the field your keyword best fits:
1. Artist Returns results for artist full name, last name or first name.
2. Album Title Returns results for any word found in the album title.
3. Song Title Returns all results albums with a particular song title.
4. Release Date Returns results for all albums with a particular release date.
5. Historical Date Returns results for all albums with a specific historical date. Useful for compilations of re-released songs from earlier decades or release dates.
6. Keyword Returns results for keywords describing album cover artwork.
7. Genre Returns results for albums of a specific genre(s).
8. Style Returns results for albums of a specific style(s).

The following examples illustrate the Lostvibe search functions.
Keyword Field Searched Search Function Result
Carly Simon Artist Any Word Albums by: Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, Nina Simone
Simon Artist Exact Albums by Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, Nina Simone
Carly Simon Artist Exact Albums by Carly Simon
Drake Supertramp Artist Exact No results as no artist exists with this name
199 Release Date Starts With All albums with a release date that starts with 199; all albums with a date in the 1990's. All release date searches must be with dates for 4 or less digits
199 Historical Date Exact All albums that include 199 in their historical range
1974-1999 Historical Date Exact All albums that have the exact historical range of 1974-1999
love Keyword Any Word or Exact or Starts With Returns albums with artwork conveying love themes
red Keyword Any Word or Exact or Starts With Returns albums with artwork that is mostly red

Search Function Tips:
  1. It is not necessary to use capitalization in the Lostvibe search feature.
  2. If it is possible that a group uses an article, such as "the" or "a" in the artist name, such as "The Dead Milkmen," then it's best to use "exact" or "any word" to yield the best results for your search.
  3. Compilation albums are filed as Artist = Various Artists. If searching for an artist name is not successful try a song search for the artist name to see if that artist is on a compilation album.
  4. Movie soundtracks are filed as Artist = Original Soundtrack

Results Page Features

The navigation control allows you to move page to page. Click the to move backwards and the to move forward. To jump to a specific page, enter the value in box of the navigation controls and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

View Options

The View Options Menu offers many ways to view your data. There are 4 selections under the View Options Menu. Select your preferred option for each of the 4 then click "Go" to refresh the results page.

Images: Viewed as large, medium or small

Display: View albums in the desired number of images in a column by row. 5 x 6 displays 5 albums in a column by 6 albums in a row.

Resolution: Refers to number of pixels per inch in each image and affects the speed of a page load. Low-resolution images use less bandwidth to download, however can be blurry or pixilated for larger images. Use low-resolution images if your Internet connection is slow or you are just browsing to find a specific album. You can switch to high resolution once you find the album of interest. Low resolution viewing of images is best at the small image size selection or 75 x 75 pixels. High resolution viewing of images is best at any image sized selected or 200 x 200 pixels or less.

Menus: Allows you to place your menus in different areas on the results page. All menus left, all menus right or some menus on the left and some menus on the right. Experiment with this for your desired page views.

Title Options

The information with check boxes allows you to view specific album information or fields below each album within your search. Checking or un-checking each box will result in the showing or hiding of that information.

Icon Options

flip When clicked flips the album over between front and back cover.
explorer Launches the Lostvibe Music Explorer, showing complete album information, including reviews, zeitgeist content and any available artwork.
flip Displays Album Details frame within the Results page. Album Details includes artist name, title, date, historical date, genre, style, tracks and a purchase button from
my vibe Allows you to add this album to your favorites list in My Vibes

Album Detail Options

Lostvibe offers even more powerful music discovery features in its Album Details frame. Once you click on an album or its information icon, this frame will appear.

Click the + next to an artist name, album title, release date, historical date or style fields to find new albums related to the information in those fields. If the icon + is gray, there are no related albums for that field.

Explorer Page Features

The Lostvibe Music Explorer allows you an even closer look at an album and related information. Explorer provides quick album data at a glance along with track information. To the right a menu of liners, reviews, notes and zeitgeist allow you get inside the album, check out interesting cultural information related to it and view what people think of the album. Below in Artist Discography or Related Albums, you can explore more albums by the artist or other albums related to it, if the album is of various artists. Finally, explorer links you directly to Amazon to purchase or listen to samples of the current album in the explorer page.

My Vibes Page Features

With a Lostvibe account, you can maintain a list of favorite albums and custom views between visits to the site. When logged in, Lostvibe automatically recalls your customized views of the results page from your last visit. You won't have to select your options each time you visit the results page. Use the favorites list to learn more about your favorite albums and the culture they were created in as Lostvibe content and site functionality grows. On the Lostvibe results page, click the star icon below an album to add that album to your favorites list. Then click back to My Vibes to see your full list of favorites.

You can still enjoy all of Lostvibe's features without an account, but your favorites list and default views will not be saved between visits.
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