Music is an integral part of our culture. Often it inspires or is inspired by trends, pop culture, events or even world action. Lost among the promotion of popular hits, an abundance of great music exists-interwoven within our culture-and is waiting to be discovered. Even with today's technology, discovering and buying music remains an overwhelming, sterile experience for most.
Lostvibe envisions merging innovative technology with the original methods of music discovery to help people find those great "lost vibes." By pairing visual and cultural album content with intuitive software, Lostvibe envisions compelling, personal music discovery where people can experience the zeitgeist of music and discover the unexpected cultural relationships that unite artists or albums. Lostvibe envisions helping people to serendipitously discover those hidden gems or hits from yesteryear that they can groove to, reminisce about and enjoy.


In 2001, Lostvibe was created to introduce classic albums and hidden grooves to people looking for new music discovery. It began as a Web site that cataloged a music collection of "lost vibes" and quickly evolved into a rich content directory, with album artwork and cultural data for each album. Lostvibe grew into focusing on three areas not addressed within the music market's push of top 40 singles:
  1. Quality music, beyond top 40, exists and Lostvibe aims to help music fans discover it. Lostvibe is an undiscovered groove.
  2. A decade of music can be repeatedly discovered by old and new generations alike. Lostvibe aims to introduce classic music from yesteryear to new generations and re-introduce them to their own generation. Lostvibe is a classic album.
  3. An album's artwork offers provides a peek at the zeitgeist in which it was created, illustrating how an album inspires or is inspired by cultural trends. Lostvibe aims to chronicle the relationship between music and culture. Lostvibe is the art and culture in music.
Privately funded, the company is now a content and software provider, enhancing the music discovery experience through art and culture.


Lostvibe's aims to provide an enriched, personal music discovery environment that connects people to great music while providing music retailers a competitive and innovative way to sell traditional or digital music.
Lostvibe provides a blend of traditional album meta-data, sample album artwork, distinctive keyword searching and zeitgeist content that draws unique relationships across disparate genres and uncovers diverse music influenced by a singular event. Lostvibe goes beyond traditional "similar genre" music discovery and pairs this content with intuitive user software for a unified music experience.
Ultimately, Lostvibe aims to deliver compelling, personal music discovery to help people experience the zeitgeist of music and discover music that matters to them.

Product Applications

Music is leading the entertainment industry in using digital technology on the Web and in retail kiosks to merchandise products. Because of the fluidity of Lostvibe's products and content in the digital environment, Lostvibe products can enhance any Internet or kiosk system used by on-line or in-store music retailers, digital subscription services, music programmers for cable and satellite TV or music portal Web sites.


Next to hearing music, there is no substitute for pictures when it comes to exploring music in the digital environment. From the provocative clothes and hairstyles to the humorous poses and themes, album artwork offers a peek at the zeitgeist in which the album was created.
The Lostvibe Album Directory is a growing and flexible directory of unique album meta-data and sample album artwork that offers a compelling, visual impact for music purchasing on the Web or via an in-store kiosk. The directory offers unique keyword searching that allows people to search by visual elements of an album if artist name, song or title is forgotten or discover other albums with similar artwork features. Keyword functions also include award winners, benefit albums, cultural influences, holiday compilations or albums with special packaging.
The Album Directory is flexible and scalable, so business-to-business customers can easily build applications around it or integrate it with content from other data providers.

Zeitgeist Content

While album art offers a peek at each culture's zeitgeist, Lostvibe offers an extended level of content beyond album art and the traditional meta-data offered today. Z-Content is a historical collection of influences (events, people, trends, cultures) that impact or have been impacted by music and reveal music's evolution within popular culture. A fresh way to explore music, Zeitgeist content goes beyond traditional genre categorizing and finds relationships across genres, uncovering diverse music influenced by a singular event.
Lostvibe pairs one or many albums with a single event or historical influence and develops a short interesting paragraph about the relationship between the event and the music. Z-Content enables users to discover new grooves through unexpected cultural relationships between albums and artists. With Z-Content, music fans can learn how music is multidimensional, spanning time, genres, styles, people, events and cultures. Z-Content compliments genre classifications and other methods of cataloguing music used in music databases today.


The Lostvibe Music Explorer application provides a unique Web browsing design that focuses on album visuals and helps organize music in a logical manner. The design leverages Web technology in a way that lets users explore details of an album without ever losing track of the original searched results.
Lostvibe also provides a software platform that makes using Lostvibe content and Music Explorer easy. The Lostvibe Platform allows business-to-business customers to easily integrate updated Lostvibe content and content from other data providers without any major software engineering or coding. The Lostvibe Platform manages all graphical and textual meta-data assets for each album.


Lostvibe offers a variety of technology and content development services aimed to custom merchandise your music digitally. From meta-data development to encoding music and digitizing artwork to developing custom software, Lostvibe technical services help build superior music catalogs to suit your needs.